Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Mr Scott Fewster – Executive Headteacher
Mrs Chelsea Norman – Head of School
Miss Chris Swan – Chair of Governors 

Foundation Stage

Mrs Lianne Hough (EYFS Lead)

Miss Maya Attwood-Clarke
Mrs Mel Coley 

Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Samantha Wells

Miss Sophie Gillies

Miss Elaine Greenaway

Miss Chelsie Hampson


Year 2 Teachers

Miss Hannah Bolstridge (KS1 Phase Lead)

Miss Harprit Chana
Miss Georgina Newton

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Sharon Bradwell 
Miss Lauren Hemsworth

Year 4 Teachers

Miss Lauren Jones
Mr Andrew Green

Year 5 Teachers

Miss Rita Valand (KS2 Phase Lead)

Miss Rebecca Trickitt

Year 6 Teachers

Mr Joe Matjasz (KS2 Phase Lead )

Mr Gill Hirsh

Miss Laura Clarke




Mrs Sarah George

Our Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)

Mrs Ruth Adcock
Mrs Julie Bollard
Mrs Linda Egan
Mrs Deborah Garratt
Mrs Teresa Harding
Mrs Ros Manship
Mrs Clare Munden
Mrs Elizabeth Pears
Mrs Michelle Pollard
Mrs Jo Scrimshire
Mrs Michelle Tebbutt
Mrs Lynne Hennessey
Mrs Joy Macmanard
Miss Cara Page

Miss Emily Bennett

Miss Megan Groves

Miss Summaya Chibbu


Nursery Nurses

Mrs Bev Allen
Mrs Jacqueline French


HLTA/Cover Supervisor

Mrs Gill Norris

Mrs Elizabeth Green


Midday Team

Mrs Linda Pedge – Midday Manager
Mrs Linda Egan
Mrs Deborah Garratt
Mrs Karen Geeson
Mrs Teresa Harding
Mrs Jane Helps
Mrs Susan Knights
Mrs Anu Mason – Lunchtime first aid
Mrs Tina Newell
Mrs Jo Scrimshire
Mrs Michelle Tebbutt
Mrs Carol Toon
Mrs Julie Young

Mrs Claire Hartshorn

Mrs Katrina Thorpe

Our Administration Staff

Mrs Linda Williams – Secretary
Mrs Angela Smith – Finance Officer
Mrs Karrie Ager – Admin Assistant


Mr Simon Dorsey – Site Manager
Mrs Sarah Goodman – Cleaner
Miss Joanne Beavan – Cleaner

Swimming Teacher (Yrs 1-3)

Mrs Christy Gregory

Crossing Patrol

Mrs Margaret Young


Parents, carers and families are welcome to request any information about our school as a paper copy. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Riverside Community Primary School
Wanlip Lane

Executive Head Teacher: Scott Fewster
Head of School: Chelsea Norman
Chair of Governors: Chris Swan