Year 6

Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2 October - December 2017

Subject Topic: South America
Art/D&T Children will design and make
Computing We are programmers
Children will be developing their skill of programming by using Scratch to programme an animation linked to our Topic. We will be developing basic Computer skills such as typing and mouse control; Word and Powerpoint.
English Non-chronological reports and Narrative
Children will be writing a non-chronological report about South America using various sub-headings to divide work up.
Children will write a narrative (story) set in South America using a short animated video for plot inspiration.
Geography Children will be learning about the location of South America and the countries which make up South America. They will learn about geographical features, extending geographical terminology.
They will learn about different aspects of the continent, including food, leisure, locations, cities, religion, history, culture and heritage.
Home Learning Reading, spelling rules, basic maths and English skills e.g. punctuation, spelling and gramma

Trip; Year 6 Residential
Languages: French Names, numbers, days of the week and months of the year, simple discussion phrases.
Numeracy Children will be continuing to develop maths-based skills involving number and problem solving.
Formal multiplication and division methods will also be covered.
PE PE is covered by Miss Hirsh and Sports Coaches
RE & PSHE/Citizensip Children will learn about the culture of South America, understanding similarities and differences between themselves and others.

 Year 6 Curriculum Autumn


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